Holly Anderson

Marriage and Family Therapist


I am a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist that enjoys helping children, adolescents, adults, and families to deal with a wide range of life’s problems. My passion is to partner with clients to find the tools to create lasting change and improve the quality of their relationships. 

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I find this is the section where sometimes as therapist’s we feel pressure to hustle and prove who we are. I get that pressure and feel it too. In fact, this pressure is the heart of a lot of the work I do. I work with women and men who may look like they have it figured out but feel like an impostor on the inside. They experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, not feeling like themselves or who they want to be in their lives. 

 This journey to figure out life is what connects us all. I have a passion and drive to sit with people to help them understand the stories and beliefs they have about themselves that impact their relationships. Once we find insight to our stories we can gain the skills and knowledge on how to change.  

I have been in clinical work for nine years and I continue to be curious about how we are shaped as people. I am clinically licensed in Kansas and Missouri as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT and LMFT), which means I have a training in understanding the systems that impact you. We are not alone on islands, other stories shape who we are and who we become. 

I foster a warm, relational, and connective practice space, where we don’t skip over the uncomfortable emotions, as difficult as they can be. Research shows that numbing the hard emotions doesn’t help us to engage in the positive emotions. When we abandon parts of ourselves that we don’t like, we end up disconnecting from good things in our lives. I believe that it is essential to explore the emotions that cause us pain and discomfort in a safe and secure way. Unraveling those pain points in your story is the heart of therapeutic work. Together we can explore your history and stories that have brought you into therapy to begin to create change.  

Other certifications that I hold influencing my therapeutic work are Dr. Brené Brown’s work on shame resiliency and work by Dr. Kirsten Neff on self-compassion. Also, I am a registered play therapist using expressive art and play with kids, especially young girls and adolescents. I use play and other interactive styles to help kids increase their sense of self-worth and express their emotions. I enjoy encouraging parents and helping them to increase connection with their children no matter what stage of development they are in. 

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Holly Anderson
Marriage and Family Therapist