Holly Anderson

Marriage and Family Therapist

Psychotherapist providing therapy to individuals, adolescents, children and families in Kansas and Missouri. 


About Holly Anderson Therapy in Kansas City and Manhattan

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 The journey in life to understand ourselves and improve our relationships connects us all. When you make the decision to schedule counseling, on your own or with your partner, we will work together to find the paths necessary to gain the skills and knowledge needed to effect change in your life and your relationship.



When you are ready to start feeling better about yourself … your marriage … your life, I am here to help. With over nine years of experience as a clinically licensed Marriage and Family therapist (LCMFT and LMFT) in Kansas and Missouri, I have an insight and understanding of the different contexts that can impact how you see yourself as an individual or in relationships.

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No person is an island. It is true that life can be overwhelming creating a pressure to work hard but, in the process, we can tend to ignore ourselves. At different stages of our lives we can feel a pressure to please, perform, or feel more perfectionism. My goal is to work with women and men who may give an outward appearance of having life figured out but, in reality, are feeling pressure on the inside to be someone they are not. This pressure can appear as symptoms of anxiety, depression, not feeling like themselves or who they want to be in their lives. 

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Therapy together will be about exploring not only your current struggles but your emotions. Together we do not skip over the uncomfortable emotions, as difficult as they can be. Through my experience in counseling and research, I have learned that numbing the uncomfortable emotions does not help us to engage in the positive emotions. When we abandon parts of ourselves that we do not like, we end up disconnecting from good things in our lives. I believe that it is essential to explore, in a safe and secure way, the emotions that are causing you pain and discomfort. Unraveling those pain points in your story is the heart of therapy. Together we will explore your history and the stories that have brought you into therapy in order to begin to create change.  

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In addition to being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, other certifications I hold that can influence our time together include  Dr. Brené Brown’s work on shame resiliency and research by Dr. Kirsten Neff on self-compassion. I am also a registered play therapist using expressive art and play with children, especially young girls and adolescents. I use play and other interactive styles to help children increase their sense of self-worth and express their emotions. I enjoy encouraging parents and helping them to increase connection with their children in all the different stages of development they are in. 

Overall, my passion is to partner with you to help you thrive and  find lasting joy. 

 Ready to start feeling better?
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Holly Anderson
Marriage and Family Therapist